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A2 Cow Ghee

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Our A2 cow ghee 'clarified butter' comes from free range grass fed 'Gir Cows' native breed of Indian cows. Our ghee is produced using the ancient vedic hand churned 'bilona method'. Our ghee is lactose free, casein free and suitable for paleo and keto diet. According to ancient ayurveda A2 cow ghee helps in digestion and is good for the heart, because of higher concenteration of healthy monounsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids.

Vedic Ghee making process:

In the 'First Sanskar' fresh cow milk is boiled in earthen pots to ensure it is free of any bacteria.

In the 'Second Sanskar' milk is curdled and yoghurt is made and kept in a cool place.

The 'Third Sankar' starts with the churning 'Bilona' of the yoghurt using a wood churner, until the Butter and Buttermilk get separated from the yoghurt.

During the 'Fourth Sanskar' butter and buttermilk are separated, the butter will now be used to make ghee.

In the last 'Fifth Sanskar' butter is heated in an earthen pot until all the water has evaporated and clear ghee is obtained with a distinct aroma.



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  • Awesome product

    Posted by Bliss Jan on 15th Dec 2021

    All the products including Ghee are very Authentic and extremely good quality. Very satisfied.

  • Amazing product!

    Posted by John Frost on 14th Dec 2021

    Fantastic quality at a great price, and is now my go-to for most of my cooking. Will be ordering more!