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About Us

At Roots Spice, we see our society as a collection of communities with their own customs and conventions. We believe that each culture has valuable information, and that this knowledge should be cross pollinated across societies rather than being isolated and confined to a respective community. I am sure we all can relate to these standalone communities which have often remain isolated and served by Asian stores, Indian stores, Chinatown, Latino markets and so on. We believe that time has come where the shackles needs to be broken and the customs and traditions from these standalone communities needs to be highlighted and celebrated, and what better way to start this journey than food and the world of spices. We see spices as an important and integral part of any kitchen, irrespective of the spice that you choose to fill your kitchen cabinet or spice rack with. With a mindset that embraces all natural spices and products, sustainable packaging, and social responsibility, Roots Spices is proud to continue its hard work each and every day to make the world that we know and love a better place through delicious, flavorful, and aromatic spices, ghee, and tea.

Our Story

“My name is Dr. Mayank Gupta, and I’m the proud Founder of Roots Spices. When I first started envisioning the type of company that Roots Spices would become, In 2020, I was deep in my career as a university professor. I was 38 years old, with a PhD in finance and a flourishing career. By that time, I had spent over 14 years living in a number of different countries, including Italy, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, and even Switzerland. However, I knew I wanted to do something more towards the society.

I decided to become an entrepreneur and launch my own startup, coming from India, I learned how little we knew about other cultures and vice versa. After living overseas and experiencing other cultures. I am convinced that each culture has something to offer and there is a wealth of information that has yet to be discovered. With this in mind, I have created Roots Spice as a stepping stone to cross-pollinate our communities with knowledge from other cultures. I always had a deep passion and interest in cooking, and what better way to share knowledge than with food, coupled with a curiosity for some of the heirloom spices that I had seen my mother use back home in India. Whenever I’d travel to India to visit her, I’d return with a sack full of spices – it was magical. At that very moment, it all came into focus and I knew that this was my calling.

Since then, I’ve realized that there is a massive gap in the market in terms of where spices and seasonings come from. I wanted to explore the quality of spices in terms of how spices are grown, are the farmers getting a fair share of their produce, and how businesses go about their social responsibility within this space. I launched Roots Spices with the goal of creating delicious, all natural products that embrace sustainability in terms of how they’re grown, where they come from, how they’re packaged, and how our business practices impact the world. 

Each and every day, I along with my team work diligently to ensure that we’re doing our absolute best to create quality products that make an impact in the kitchen, and leave an everlasting mark on the world that we know and love and the communities we live in.”

Our Mission

At Roots Spice, we’re firm believers that only the very best spices can make amazing food. With that in mind, our mission is simple – we work each and every day to bring the finest spices to your kitchen. Sourced from responsible farms and sent to you in responsible packaging, our goal is to bring back heirloom traditions that bring spices back to their roots.

Our families and our spices have a story to tell, and we want to ensure that those stories are told again and again for generations to come. The world of spices has entered into an era of mass production, stripping away the true identity of where these delicious herbs and spices come from. Through our processes, we’re bringing spices back to their roots and ensuring that they hold the very same traditional value as they did hundreds of years ago.

Together, we can embark on a journey back to our familiar roots, where fresh, all natural products are used to create the delicious meals that would bring people together at the table, making memories and telling stories that would transcend time.

Our Values

Here at Roots Spice, we pride ourselves on our values that guide us in everything that we do. Take a look down below to learn all about what matters to us.

Attentive To Excellence

Crazy To Innovate

Mad To Design

Patient To Learn

Wild To Care